It’s my favorite time of year!  The sunflowers are in full bloom and it is amazingly beautiful!  I have been eagerly awaiting this for months.

Thirty years ago, I wouldn’t have believed that some day, I would love sunflowers as much as I do.  Once, I clearly remember,  having to stop the vehicle so others could get out and look at the wild sunflowers.  At the time, I thought they were crazy, and didn’t see any beauty to those yellow flowers.  Also, sunflowers were very popular to decorate with.  And that was definitely not happening in my house.

Then, fast forward to 2007, I was commuting back and forth to Pierre every day.  During the drive that August, I began to notice these fields of yellow.  They were so brilliant, sunny, and huge.  It wasn’t just a random wildflower here and there.  But the thousands grouped together, that created a sight I could never have imagined.   Each day, those views brightened my trip. 

There is something so special about the view, that is so hard to describe.   Is it the sheer size of the fields that seem to go on and on?  Or is it, the happiness that the flowers appear to have?  Maybe the best description is from my Aunt Cel, “they look like crowds of happy hopeful caring loving faces.”  I think that is why I like them.  

Over the years, I have tried to capture this.  For various reasons, I have learned to go in a pickup.  You can climb in the back and get the best view.  Some of them are so gigantic, both in the size of the plant and the field, this is very helpful.  Plus, sometimes, it is the only way that you can get to the location.  One year, John’s dad, Ervin, let me take a picture of him, with a plant.  The look on his face is priceless and is one of my favorite pictures of him.  

Every year, our sunflowers are planted in a different spot.  Apparently, for the health of the soil, it is best for the different crops to rotate.  So, the ability to get to that perfect picture isn’t always possible.  Last year, as we were heading to check one site, John got the pickup stuck.  Then, other years, you can park on a road on the east side of the area.  Each time is different.

Then, this year, things were magical and perfect.  First, I was able to pull the pickup right next to the flowers.  Which, by the way, I usually can’t get that close.  Even though, I forgot to bring my camera, I still had my phone.  As I was climbing in the back of the pickup, I wasn’t sure how the photos would turn out.  Sunset, wasn’t a time of day that I have ever tried before.  However, as I started taking the pictures, the view was so amazing.  I could tell I got lucky.  These flowers were so photogenic!

Well, the time is now actually over and I will have to wait until next year to see their beauty again.  For now, I will wait for the radiant colors of fall.