Growing up, I didn’t think about where I lived too much or maybe I took it for granted as my brother would say.  He believes that you can’t appreciate where you live as much as a visitor does.  However, I love every part of this great state of South Dakota.  And I have lived in almost every area of it from the southeast to the west to the central.  Each has its own unique qualities.  It is the only state, I have ever lived.

In fact, any time, a guest starts asking questions, they don’t know what they are in for.  Before they know it, I am grabbing the maps and South Dakota tourism book, ready to help any way I can.  It is one of my favorite subjects, which I happen to have some knowledge to share.  I do try to be honest, and give good tips.

After all, in my hometown of Scotland, I was able to enjoy taverns, chislic, kuchen, and kolaches.  In the summers, there was Czech days, a rodeo, and fishing in the Jim river.  There was marching band, swimming pool swimming, and hills for sledding.  Not to mention, it was where everyone knew who you were, and you knew them.  It is my heritage.  

Then, in college, I moved the western border, to Spearfish and Black Hills State.   Where else could I choose downhill skiing as a college course?  (Not that I still do that sport.)  One summer, I had the opportunity to work at Mt Rushmore.  Each day, I would gazed at that mountain in wonderment.  And I did not pass up the chance to go to the top.  What a once in a lifetime view!  With the mountains, trees, low humidity and few mosquitos, the hills are a fantastic place to live and visit. 

Later, I found myself living in the big capitol city of Pierre.  Far from a large city, it was still the biggest one I had ever lived in.  For this small town girl, access to multiple restaurants and shopping, was almost more than I could handle.  Plus, the river had such a calming affect on me.

Now, here I am, in Highmore.  Right in the middle of everything, and about 3 hours from most places to visit.  Plus, we are only an hour away from some awesome sites in Faulkton, Pierre, and Chamberlain.  During travel, it is the perfect stopping place.  Well, at least we think so.  Again, it is another small town, with all the great things you find in one.  It is a place where you can be a part of things as much as you choose.