Recently, my mom and I, traveled back to my hometown of Scotland, SD for a funeral of a family friend.  When you go to a funeral it is to honor that person and to be there for the family.  However, sometimes you need to go for yourself too. And I mean that on so many levels.  

This year, so far, has been a little rough for my family health wise.  My mom has been battling a few things, but now she seems to be doing better.  Any way, she want to make this big trip of 180 miles from our home.  She wanted to see her old home and her friends.  And if she was up for the trip, I definitely was!  

Let’s face it, I miss my hometown.  When I moved away, I really didn’t want to leave.  And now, I look at everything they are doing, and I want to do the same things where I now live.  I know, that I may not be who I am today, if I stayed there.  But maybe I would have.  

As we drove closer, I was reminded of everything familiar.   About a mile out of town, there was a bald eagle sitting in a tree.  It was like he was just watching over things.  He seemed strong and wise, just like the man we were coming to remember.  It was also a symbol of how I feel about this place, which is so much a part of me.

We were early, because I am early for everything.  So, up and down the streets, we went.  Looking at everything that has changed over time.  No matter what, this will always be home.  We decided that some places are very well taken care of, and others, not so much.  Our old house, is one of those that needs to be torn down.  Mom wishes it was gone, so she didn’t have to keep seeing it looking so bad.

At the funeral, the congregation sang “How Great Thou Art.”  It was amazing and very emotional to me.  I loved hearing the beautiful voices joined together in song and the fact that it was happening, at home in Scotland.  And the people, there were so many there.  

After the service, there was a meal.  The food was wonderful, especially the salads.  Apparently, it is normal for people attending a funeral to bring a salad or dessert.  I had no idea.  Where I live, we are asked to bring something when needed.  I was in heaven eating things to were so traditional and delicious.  And the conversation, they were mentioning things like making taverns and kolaches. By the way taverns are sloppy joes, not a drinking establishment.

Over all, it was just where we needed to be.  The family was surprised and happy to see us.  And we were able to chat with friends and laugh about old times.  Luckily, the weather cooperated and it was a beautiful winter day and we were able to stay as long as we wanted.  However, it did have to come to an end and we had to make the long trip home.  Taking our cherished memories with us, will make us smile for while to come.