When I worked at Wal-Mart, January meant we featured lots of items for organizing.  Whether it was new calendars, date books, file folders, or totes for storage, everything you could possibly need a fresh new year, we had it.   Who doesn’t want new stuff?  Most people do want to stay on top of their responsibilities in their life, and if there are tools to help with that, then great.  However, some times, those good intentions don’t last very long.

I sometimes wonder, how I am able to get anything organized or accomplished in my life.  Is anyone else like that?  My brain can be so scattered and unfocused.  So many thoughts are always flying around in there.  Like even trying decide what am I going to write in this blog has taken me a few days.  I have all these great ideas, and it is hard to choose just one topic.  Then, I did what I do to help myself focus, I started a list. And there is was, organizing.  Boom!

Let me try to explain what I mean about the focus.  I can be a very spontaneous person and can easily be talked into doing something other that what I should be doing.  If you are talking to me or my kids, for that matter, we can switch topics of a conversation mid-sentence and go on to different topic.  Maybe we have ADHD or ADD, or maybe, it is just that bright shiny objects distract us.  However, there are other times, that I can stay super focused on the task at hand. 

I learned a long time ago, I do best with lists.  If I write it down, it helps me remember.  Even if I never look at that list again, it some times becomes seared in my memory.  I wish, it always worked that way, but no it doesn’t especially as I get older.  Darn it!  If it is part of my schedule, usually, it will get completed.  Some easily avoidable duties, like filing, do stay on the list week after week.  (Who likes to file?) 

Lately, I have been working on helping to grow our small town.  And for the first time in my life, I am able to dream and have ideas of what could be here.  However, that just means, that there are so many concepts and notions, flying around in my head.  How do I stop the swirling and mixing of everything?  Again, I have to stop and write it down.  It does help with the clarity, but still not sure exactly which plans will actually happen. It is a start though.  

Basically, I live by my lists.  That might not work for everyone.  For me, they give me clear direction.   I begin every day, by mentally going there my to-do for the day.  If I skip that step, things are forgotten.  Sometimes, I recall something that may have slipped my mind.  This is what I need to function.  And actually, I probably would do better, if they were more detailed and itemize.  Since it is the new year, maybe I should work on that for a little while.  Or maybe not.