Since 2014, we have had a vendor fair at our house during Old Settlers Days.  That first year, it was more of an open house with probably 250 people coming through.  Since we had just purchased the house, we knew everyone would be curious as to what we were planning to do with it as our new business.  So, we thought, why not open it up, invite some vendors in, and show it all off.  Of course, we hadn’t moved in yet and they did need to use their imagination.  But they came to check it out.  They were able to tour the entire place, from top to bottom.

After that, it has become an annual event.  After all, we are located on the street where everything happens.  First thing in the morning, there is the color run.  Then, the parade goes by.  And later in the afternoon, just down the street from us, is the car show and rib cook off.  We are in the perfect location for everything.  Granted, Highmore is a small town, and everything is relatively close by any way.

In the beginning, we only had the vendors in the house.  Slowly, we have expanded, and now they are inside, in the garage, in the driveway, and on the front lawn.  There are each spot and its benefits.  Outside, are the first ones to see customers.  But you have to deal with the weather.  Inside, you get the air conditioning.  And the garage, is kind of the middle ground with the best of both worlds.  Either way, I love having our little vendor fair each year.

Sadly, this year, there was no vendor or Old Settlers.  Darn COVID-19 has to change everything.  Honestly, it is a disappointment, but in other ways a benefit.  We didn’t need to do the stressful deep clean of our house and garage.  Who really wants to do that?  When the decision was made to cancel, it was very emotional for me.  It is a big loss of income for us.  We have had reservations since last summer.

Luckily, there is a wind tower project happening in the area.  We have some long term guests, which didn’t need to find a different place to stay for the weekend.  Definitely, that is a blessing.  Things are different, but it is okay.  And we can have our vendor fair again next year.