As I am looking at my list of blog posts, I realize I haven’t talked about Iva’s Room.  In the whole naming process, it was probably the hardest one to name.  After all, we actually had a bedroom set from my grandma, Helen and not my grandma Catherine.  That, and I was probably closer to Grandma Helen.   So, we chose to name a room after Helen. 

John had two Grandmas, Iva Simonson and Velma Hedberg.  Unfortunately, we had nothing from either one to sway us one way or the other.  Again, it went back to how we named Helen’s room.  It was after my Dad’s mom.  Therefore, we decided to use John’s dad’s mom for our last room.  And we chose Iva.  

In each of our rooms, we have things from their namesakes.  It was a struggle to find anything for this room.  John just wasn’t lucky enough to have any treasures from his Grandma Iva.  Of course, hanging on the wall is a frame of family pictures and a family tree.   Our guests may have to look for the item from her, but it is there.  Hiding in one of the drawers, is some knitting she had been working on before her death.

Iva was the youngest child born to James and Rosalia Baker in May 1898 in Wisconson.  By 1910, her family had move to Wibaux, Mt.  She met and married Ben Simonson in 1922.  They raised their five children on a farm near Beach, ND.  Unfortunately, Ben passed away in 1958.  She spent the rest of her life in the Beach area.  Her youngest, and only son, Ervin, is John’s dad.

That is about the extent of my knowledge of Iva.  I hope that she would have like the room we have in her honor.  Either way, it is our only room upstairs with two beds.  Plus, it has a small balcony over looking the street.  Each of our rooms has a little something unique and special to it.  Just like the people they each named after.