Do you have something that you thought, was super difficult to do? And there would be you way you could do it?  For me, it was cheesecake.  Many years ago, when I was working with my mom at her catering business, she asked me to make one.  Well, I had this thought in my head, that they were hard to make.  You know what, they are really pretty easy, and best of all, they are delicious!

In those years, at the catering business, I made several of varieties of cheesecakes.  Nothing too fancy, and all pretty simple.  One had a Oreo cookie crust.  Some people commented “it was really good, it is just too bad you burnt the crust.”  So, the recipe was changed to a graham cracker crust. And amazingly, no more of those comments happened again.

Then, I moved away, and it seemed I didn’t take the time to make those wonderful desserts.  I am not sure why.  Maybe I was busy working and raising kids.  Or was it that there wasn’t the need anymore? Plus, I did find a store bought one, that is pretty darn good without the work.  Either way, overtime it was all forgotten, and I didn’t make one for years.

  Recently, as I was looking at food videos online, I was reminded as of past cheesecakes I had made.  And there were some wonderfully luscious looking ones, I decide to try a new recipe.  Formerly, I would have not found a snickers one, and that would be a favorite flavor of my family.  So, that was the chosen one.  The favor was amazingly delicious.  However, next time, I might adjust the amount of candy bars used.  

The best part of the experience, was remembering how much I truly enjoyed the process.  In the last couple of months, I have made a few different recipes.  Last week, for my own birthday supper, I volunteered to create one.  Normally, I don’t like cooking for either Mother’s Day or my birthday, but this was the exception.  It was kind of a treat for me.  Some times, we need to do things that make us happy.